9/22 – 9/25 Cayuga/Owasco Lakes


9/22: Cayuga Lake out of Myers: I got out for a few hours on my own for some largemouth bass fishing. Unbelievably it was the first time all year I'd gone largemouth fishing. The lower lake typically isn't a great largemouth area but I wanted to give it a try and I am working on some tackle/technique stuff as well. It was sunny and HOT on the water and weed shards made for difficult presentations. I managed one nice 2.5lb chunk and a thick pickerel around 22". Had a couple 12" bass come after my lures but it was a pretty slow go overall. I fished from 11 am till around 4 pm – the hottest part of the day.

9/23: Cayuga Lake out of Myers: Guided Jack for a full day of laker jigging. It's always fun going out with him and hearing tales of Cayuga Lake from the early 1970s when he went to college there and lived along the lake. Jigging action was solid with Jack nabbing around 7 or 8 solid fish. The weather got choppy with some strong wind out of the north. I was pleased with how we did; nothing huge but some nice fish.

9/24: Owasco Lake: Guided Greg for a full day. The trip couldn't have started any better with Greg nabbing (and releasing) a gorgeous 27" rainbow. One of the nicest we've seen out of this lake! Great fight and Greg did an awesome job playing the fish. He nailed a nice laker then we made a run and he did some dropshotting. On his insistence, I took some casts with a fluke and overall we got a few perch, rockbass, a dink bass and a better bass (almost – a 15" smallmouth that I lost by the boat.) Greg went back to the trout fishing and landed a few more lakers. It wasn't a great bite out there but we were happy with the results. Getting out early paid off with the rainbow trout.

9/25: Cayuga Lake out of Long Point: Guided the Hermans today for a 1/2 day starting around 9:30 am. The bite wasn't easy but on the day the Hermans hooked at least 6 fish. Some were likely small since they kept getting off – maybe they weren't getting the whole jig in their mouths. They wound up landing a couple fish – a 24"er and one around 19". We had a dink around 17" almost to the net. Tough day but beautiful out there.