A few odds and ends…


First off, I want to thank whoever sent me the #JIG mug!  I appreciate it.  There was no note or return address, so I have no idea who sent it to me.

I have been updating the website when I have time.  When the new site was built some of the “species” didn’t transfer over.  My web designer also used some stock Finger Lake photos as a template for me.  I had completely forgotten about those, so I have been replacing them with photos of the various lakes.  I’ve also been digging through my photo archives (and I have a TON of them) and adding some more shots to go along with the “species” pages.

Angling Zone friend Ralph told me about a great product that no boater/motorist should be without.  It’s the NOCO Boost Plus Jump Starter.  I bought the GB 40.  They are available through Tackle Warehouse, Bass Pro Shops and elsewhere.  This little gadget fits into a winter coat pocket and can jump start a dead car, truck or boat battery with ease.  As a matter of fact, with one charge you can start over a dozen (up to 18) vehicles!  Check out the YouTube videos on this thing.  No more having to ask for a jump when you have a dead battery or having to call AAA.   I can’t count how many times I’ve seen guys stuck at a boat launch with a dead battery and no way to start it.  I saw that happen back in November on Otisco Lake.

I recently bought one and actually had to use it a week ago when my truck battery died.  It’s the real deal.  Three years ago they sold for around $70 to $90 – now they are up to $140 but they are still well worth it.

Gift Certificates are available.  It’s a bit late now to send one out before the holiday but I have them for any occasion!