Any steelheaders (or former steelheaders) out there?


Lure maker Bill Alexander is looking for spawn sack mesh.  If you have any rolls of “spawn-ee” or other egg sack tying material laying around that you don’t need, Bill will be happy to either barter (trade some jigs/lures) for them or purchase the rolls.  You can reach him at:  (315) 520-9820.

On the flip side of that, I do have a large Plano 370 box full of spin ‘n glos, hand tied yarn flies, and birdy drifters and other assorted steelhead tackle that I don’t use anymore.  I also have some Hot-Shots and pencil lead/surgical tubing.  If anyone out there is interested, I’d be happy to sell it at a fair price.  If you fish the Genesee or Niagara River for steelhead, that stuff can be gold.

I also have two FishPond boat bags that I don’t use anymore.  One of them is completely waterproof but due to excessive wear and tear from the sun, the straps have all worn off.  Apart from that, it’s still fantastic.  The other is in great shape, but never was waterproof.  It has a cover that is supposed to keep it dry, but the cover doesn’t.  I’ll be happy to give either or both of them away to anybody that can use them.