Availability and Opportunities Going Forward…


Here’s what I have open:

September:   12th, 19th, 24th, 26th, 30th.  Those dates are open for 1/2 or full days and I can do various lakes/species.  I have a few available PM half days on some other dates.  Please call or email for information.  Those would be on Cayuga Lake for lake trout.

October:  1st, 3rd – 11th, 17th, 21st – 24th, 30th, 31st.

I like lake trout jigging this month on Cayuga and Owasco Lakes.   Pike picks up depending on water conditions/temperature.  I like Seneca and Owasco Lakes for pike.  Pickerel with shots at pike and bass is usually good to excellent on the north end of Cayuga Lake.   Owasco and Skaneateles Lakes provide good smallmouth fishing.

November:  For my money, this is the best month for fishing in the region along with May.  Pike fishing throughout the region is top-notch as is pickerel action.  Smallmouth bass fishing excels on Skaneateles Lake with bonus perch, trout, salmon and walleyes available.  Landlocked salmon fishing picks up on Seneca and Cayuga Lakes.  Owasco Lake also offers excellent fishing for bass, pike and trout.   Weather is always a factor in November.

December:  This month is touch and go.  The weather is the #1 factor by far.  It is a superb landlocked salmon month on Seneca Lake.  Lake trout, salmon and other species are biting on Cayuga Lake.  Skaneateles can be good but access is a factor.  Pike action remains good to excellent on Seneca and Owasco Lakes.  Cayuga Lake can also produce some nice northerns.