Canandaigua Lake 5/19 + Cayuga Lake 5/20


Canandaigua Lake 5/19:  This lake is beautiful – no two ways about it – and we thoroughly enjoyed fishing it. Lake temps were pretty cold, around 47 to 51 if I remember right. We found scattered perch and a few smallies in shallow. Lakers were everywhere from the initial drop-offs to deep water areas. Didn’t land but one, but we had numerous follows and a few hits. Basically took a day “off” the usual lakes to try and learn this one.

Cayuga Lake 5/20:  Today was a guide trip and that means I try my best to put people on to fish! That’s what I did when a long time buddy and his friend came out with me. First drop with the jig and Chris was into a 6 to 7lb. lake trout. The action stayed steady for the most part and Chris and his friend Mike landed 10 nice fish – all on jigs. Mike dropped quite a few and had he landed them they would have done around 15 fish! Can’t beat that! They were all over the north end of the lake from 45′ to 95′ of water. Pickerel were active in 4′ to 12′ and are post-spawn hungry but emaciated fish. Perch are hitting well too. Expect EPIC lake trout fishing over the next month! If you have good powers of concentration and you hit things right – which means not too much wind – you will catch some serious fish! It won’t get better than the next month…..plain and simply! 😉