Canandaigua Lake 9/17


Had a lot of fun on Canandaigua Lake today after a circuitous AM of driving. I arrived in Canandaigua just before 7 am and decided to launch at the State Launch on the south end of the lake at Woodville. The goal was to nail a quick limit of lakers then do some exploring. The Canandaigua lakers are delicious. Exceptional eating as far as I’m concerned. As I drove down Rt. 21 I knew something was wrong when I saw a truck with a boat trailer heading north! Sure enough, I arrived at the launch and found that it hadrecently been repaved and was closed for a couple days! So I headed back north – having wasted about an hour.

I scrapped my previous plans and decided to spend my AM exploring “alien areas” of the lake. I found a superb deep flat, and on my first drop with a jig I was attached to a laker! But it got off, as did about another dozen fish/hits. It was a fun AM, due to lots of “action” , but only one 24″ laker landed. Fish were hitting hard, but I couldn’t hook them, or couldn’t hang onto them for long. I think we’re nearing the spawn and fish aren’t grabbing really well. I did hook fish on bottom and chasers, but most obviously weren’t hooked good. I explored the area for bass and hooked a beautiful largemouth around 3lbs or better on a crankbait. It got off after 1 1/2 jumps. The lake was gorgeous and there was very little boat traffic. Water temps were around 68 to 70 and a few perch boats were out. Not a great day catching, but I had very good action/activity all morning long, and I’m sure I’d have landed some more fish had I been on the water at 7 am as scheduled! I’ll be back soon.