Cayuga 4/27 + Skaneateles Lake 4/28


Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs 4/27: I took my boat off of Union Springs mainly just to motor around and see what was happening. I enjoy fish watching around the north end of Cayuga Lake this time of year. The lake is clear and bass, bluegills, sunfish, perch and carp are all cruising around. Water temps are in the mid-50s. I had over 60 degrees along the railroad tracks.

I saw plenty of panfish and carp. Mostly signs of carp muddying up the water. The perch fishermen were out in droves and it looked like most boats were doing well. I’m looking forward to pickerel season opening up Saturday and will also be doing some fly-fishing for carp and gar if I get the time.

Skaneateles Lake 4/28: Guided Terry for the full day today. He contacted me and told me he’d be around Skaneateles Lake for the weekend for his wife’s birthday and wanted to do a full day fishing trip. I was very impressed with Terry’s skills. He’s a very good fisherman, but I was more impressed with any guy that could do a trip for his wife’s birthday without his wife onboard. He should write a book!

I put brand new 6lb test Trilene on my outfits early this morning and was glad I did. I should mention that every time I fill up a reel with either braid, mono or flourocarbon, I spray the line with some line-conditioner. The stuff works magic. No tangles or problems with brand new line.

The fishing was excellent today. I barely got the boat set up and Terry was into a smallmouth bass. Then a big perch. Then a salmon. More bass, perch and a laker. He wound up landing one salmon, 3 nice lakers and 4 rainbows. The rainbows ran 17″, 22″, 24.5″ and 26″!!! All quality, gorgeous fish. 2 of the lakers were emaciated and we kept those. The rainbows were all released. We kept the good perch and the largest weighed 1lb 10oz. Good numbers of bass were around too. Tube and hair jigs worked great.

We spent most of the day in 12′ to 23′ FOW, though he was often casting inshore. Fly-fishing would have worked just fine for the rainbows today. Water temps remain in the low 40s.