Cayuga 5/2 + Skaneateles 5/3


Got out on Cayuga Lake for a little bit on Monday to check things out. Things are looking pretty good for the pike opener this weekend. Water clarity is good along the east and west shores and pike are around. I expect them to be lethargic with the cold water, but I’ll probably chase them next week. Water temps on Cayuga’s southern portion are averaging around 40 degrees with 46 around the ck. mouths and 43 up on the east shore. A few smallmouths are showing up too. Lakers as well. I didn’t see any trout/salmon and I worked the east shore for a couple hours.

Skaneateles Lake is still very cold! The warming trends of the past week have been negated by the cold nights we’ve been having. Had 37 degrees in most areas. North end was up to 41. I couldn’t find any remarkable fishing. A few lethargic small salmon here and there. Missed a couple GOOD HITS! Next week things should start picking up. Trolling has been pretty good from what I’ve heard. Smallmouths, (although illegal to target) are starting to show up. While trout fishing I caught and released a 19″ fish at the north-end of the lake. Nice fish!