Cayuga 7/17 and Seneca 7/18


Had a busy weekend guiding – here are how things shaped up:

Cayugaout of Taughannock 7/17 AM: Guided Joe and JC for a 1/2 day trip which was a gift certificate (hint!) I wanted to start at 5:30 am but the guys showed up a little late – no big deal, the fishing was very good. We worked areas mainly N. of AES on both sides of the lake. Joe landed and released a 31″ beautiful laker. That fish made the trip. Another 3 nice ones were landed. Fishing wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t bad. Around 75′ proved best if I remember right.

Cayuga 7/17 PM: Guided Tony and his son Mike for a full day. Fishing was tougher than the AM trip. We worked past Sheldrake on the west shore. It was HOT out, but the breeze helped things. Mike hadn’t jigged lakers before and it took some time to get the feel. Tony fishes a lot and it showed. He landed 4 fish on the day incl. a rare sublegal “dink.” We really fished hard and the bite wasn’t easy at all. Around 65′ or 75′ out to 110′ or so was best – if there was a “best.”

Seneca 7/18 AM: Guided John and his son Josh for a 1/2 day. They have a camper near Dresden and are starting to get into fishing Seneca Lake. The AM fishing was excellent from 65′ on out (mostly deeper) to 115′. The guys had a couple doubles going and landed nice fish up to around 31″ if I rememeber right. (These trips blend together after a while!) Great AM trip and we released the big fish. The guys landed 11 fish in just over 4 hours.

Seneca 7/18 PM: Guided Tony and Mike again, and I was optimistic on our prospects. But it wasn’t to be! Another very tough PM bite with Tony managing one fish. The guys fished very well, but the fish were just lock-jawed. I was really hoping Mike would get into some fish, but it wasn’t to be. The fish-Gods owe him! We fished hard working from 65′ out to 115′ and we tried some different areas. A lot of fish moved for the jigs but just wouldn’t commit – it was somewhat frustrating but the guys kept their spirits up.