Cayuga Lake 10/24 AM + 10/25 PM


10/24 AM: Guided Dean and his brother Scott for an AM 1/2 day on Cayuga Lake out of Union Springs targeting pickerel. These guys are always great fun to have onboard and they were with me when we helped (aka rescued) the canoers from the Girl Scout Camp on Cayuga Lake maybe 6 years ago (not to be confused with the kayaker we pulled out of Keuka Lake maybe 4 years ago.)

We had overnight winds close to 50 mph out of the south as well as a decent amount of rain. Fortunately skies cleared and winds diminished and we wound up with a beautiful day on the water. The water on Cayuga was muddy in a few areas and murky lakewide. Fishing started slow but a few pickerel showed interest in our spoons. Bass were active with the guys landing 4 largemouths. Pickerel action picked up as the day went on. It never got outrageously good but I was very happy with how we did given the conditions. We had the 4 bass and then another 6 pickerel landed and a few others dropped.

10/25 PM: I booked a last minute trip with Dave (from Sunday's trip on Owasco) after he texted me telling me that he was in near agony at their rental; he was staring at a beautiful Owasco Lake and wasn't able to get out and fish. I value my days off but can also relate to a fellow passionate angler's pain, so I had him meet me over at Cayuga Lake's Long Point launch at 1 pm. We got underway and fishing appeared to be tough. Water (aka down) temps were pretty crazy. We had very cold water in around 85' after Sunday night's insane winds. I brought pickerel gear just incase we had tough laker action but I never needed to get it out. The winds shifted and the lakers turned on heavily! He had stellar fishing, landing 14 solid fish including a 30"er and a few in the upper 27" to 28" range. Fish were gorging on alewives. We used a smelt colored Lunker City Swim Fish in the 3.75" size. Usually most of our fish come on whites and chartreuses but today the darker color did the trick. Great day!