Cayuga Lake 3/15 pm + 3/16 pm


Got out to do a little fishing on my own today and a little bit with my buddy Todd yesterday.  Here’s how things went:

3/15 PM:  It was pretty darn cold Sunday when Todd and I arrived at the launch.  Winds were coming up pretty good out of the north and the lake had a good chop on it.  Looks like the AM bite was good for some people – we saw some guys with some nice fish taking a few pics in the parking lot.  Another boater we talked to coming in didn’t have any luck.  We wound up having a tough go of it.  We fly-fished a bit and couldn’t get anything going.  After switching to spinning gear I nabbed one decent lake trout and Todd caught a nice 19″ salmon.  That was it.  We had a couple other follows but couldn’t get much going.  Winds got fairly brutal when we got off the lake around 5:30 or 6 pm – we had a couple 3.5 to 4 foot waves just off the marina.  Not the kind of stuff I enjoy being out in.  With that being said, it was still a nice day on the water.

3/16 PM:  Today I got out on my own.  It was good to get away from the news today.  I get the feeling that everyone (government and academia) is trying to out “virtue signal” the next person/institution in terms of how far they are willing to go to isolate people and keep people cooped up in their houses.  It may not be long until we’re forced to spend waking hours in our closets, but I digress…

Fishing was better today with the lighter winds.  I had some good salmon fishing with some nice fish hooked and lost and one landed.  I nabbed several lakers shallow including a 30 1/2″ gorgeous wild fish that fought great.   Next was a 24″+ chrome rainbow that hammered my tube jig.  So I wound up with a nice mixed bag.  I like to release most rainbows but I kept this hatchery female.  It didn’t appear to be a spawner this year – empty inside but no signs of rubbed off fins or loose eggs.  Good but not great battle.

Plenty of dates remain open throughout the spring.  Spending a day on the water is a great way to “distance” yourself from society and its viruses!