Cayuga Lake 4/12 + 13


Guided Ron for two trips in a row – we went out of Myers yesterday and Long Point today. Fishing wound up being very good on both days though we had a little luck on our side yesterday.

4/12 PM: Went out of Myers around 1 pm. We did around 6 hours and never saw another boat on the lake. It was a slow go to start. Ron missed a salmon, a follow and two hits from a nice chunky brown and then a nice laker that engulfed his jig by the boat. In area #2 he got a 17.5″ salmon and then a 24″ laker shortly thereafter.

We had a fair amount of rain dump on us too yesterday. Conditions were not super pleasant.

The next area produced nothing. Area #4 produced a 21″ salmon. We tried another stretch before quitting and Ron nabbed 3 salmon – all cookie cutter 19″ers and a fat 18″ goby fed smallmouth before heading in. Water temps remain in the upper 30s.

4/13 AM: Today we launched out of Myers at 8 am and fished another 6 hours (due to a prior committment I had tonight, I had to change out my guiding schedule and do two- 6 hour trips rather than a half and full day.) The deep laker jigging was very good and steady. Ron landed 11 solid lakers and missed another 9 or 10! Best fish was a 34.5″ whopper! Not a fat fish – so probably around 12lbs. Most fish were healthy 27″ to 28″ers. Nobody else was out laker fishing that we could see. Fish came deep – 130′ to 175′ FOW. Nice looking healthy fish with little or no signs of lamprey activity.