Cayuga Lake 5/31 – 6/2


I was on Cayuga Lake targeting lake trout over the past few days.  Water temps keep rising.  We’re seeing upper-50s and lower 60s on much of the lake now.

5/31 PM:  It was time for me to pick up my season launch passes for Myers Park.  I had the boat all rigged up from yesterday up north, so I figured I’d dump in the lake and give it a shot.  Unfortunately, on the way down I noticed my rear turn signal on my Tundra was out, so I headed back home, detached and bought new bulbs and took care of the issue.  You gotta love Toyotas – things like lights are super-quick and easy to replace.  I finally headed back down and launched.  I just brought fly-fishing gear and fished for a couple of hours.  I caught a couple very nice perch.  Overall my water temps were too high to do what I wanted, so I called it a quick day.  Everything looks good at Myers and I see that a ladder was put in on the end of the dock.  Loads of largemouth bass were spawning in the park marina.  These marinas are nice sanctuaries for fish like bass, since they are off-limits to fishing and tournaments.  They are bass hatcheries!

6/1:  Guided Dan and Jason for a full-day trip out of Long Point starting at 7:30 am. Fishing was slow and steady on the day.  A decent numbers of lake trout came throughout the day, with Jason having the hot hand early.  Dan nabbed a nice 24″ wild rainbow trout.  We ended the day with a bunch of fish being dropped, but that’s fishing for you.  Solid day with 9 nice fish landed and another 5 or 6 lost.

Dan with a beautiful rainbow!

6/2:  Guided a full-day trip out of Long Point State Park with Mark and his father Scott.  Fishing was fairly slow for the first few hours.  I was glad we did the full-day!  The bite really got hotter and hotter as the day went on, and by 1:30 pm, in one area, Mark landed fish on three out of four drops of his jig!  Scott also nabbed a 31″er.  We wound up with a very solid double-digit lake trout day.  One nice rainbow trout followed a jig right to the surface.  A few loons remain on Cayuga Lake.  Boating pressure was much lighter today than on yesterday, when there were quite a few boats out along with a hoard of jet skiis.  40′ to 85′ was best for us.  Best color by far was white/chartreuse tail.

Scott with a beauty!

Mark on!

Nice one!

Another good one!