Cayuga Lake 7/11 and 7/12


7/11 Out of Taughannock: Just got out for a few hours checking out the bass fishing around Rocky Dock. Nothing great happening there for me. Went to Millican and picked up some smallies, but no great shakes. Lots of drum around and even a gar or two. Water temps are cranking up! Had 75 to 77 out there!

7/12:   Guide trip with Jim. Fished 8 hours starting at 8:15am. The bite started out a little bit slow and we worked a lot of different areas. Jim really did well on picking up the technique! After a few hours he was jigging like a pro – the only problem was that the bite had slowed. We took a break and found some active largemouths and Jim had a grab on a Senko but missed the fish. Bass looked like they were just finishing spawning! Believe it or not!

We had one and a half hours to go and Jim still hadn’t landed anything, but things were to change! Found some good (read: active!) marks just north of Millican. Jim got his first laker and in short order landed two more, and lost one. His best was a 31″ whopper! WOW! That fish was at least 9lbs.(It was slightly thin for its length due to a lamprey that was on it.) Jim had another fish up almost to the net when the jig broke off. I’d forgotten to check his knot after the excitement of the “slob laker”. Oh well! He had the technique down and the day was a big success. Perseverence pays off…..