Cayuga Lake 7/26 + Otisco Lake 7/27


7/26 Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock: Guided Pat and John here. I hadn’t seen them in around 6 years so it was good to catch up a bit. Pat fishes Canandaigua a fair amount. The trout bite started out fairly slow but picked up before the day’s end with some very good fishing on the lake’s east side. What’s there to say? It was another top-notch day on Cayuga with 14 lakers and one rainbow landed. We kept 4 lakers and the rainbow. The rainbow was a stocked fish (ventral fin-clip) and it was around 20″ long. That was the 3rd. rainbow in 3 days we’d encountered on Cayuga. They should be doing alright!

7/27: Otisco Lake – Guided Mark I. for some fly-fishing for Tiger Muskies. We knew going into the trip that the weather conditions weren’t looking too good – bluebird skies and no wind, but decided that an early start might work, so we met around 5:30 am. Two or three boats had already launched so I think they were thinking the same thing. At the very least Mark would be able to see how well his freshly tied musky flies were performing. And he could work on the “figure 8.”

The lake looked good. It was low with some cloudy water near the causeway but clearer water uplake. The weedharvesters annhiliated one of my favorite weedbeds – something they do every year by mid-July. I saw one musky surface today but we never had a follow. Mark had one hit that may have been a bass or musky – we don’t know. Probably a bass. But not a single fish today.