Cayuga Lake 7/3 + 7/4 (AM)


Back to lake trout chasing on the upper-midlake portion of Cayuga Lake. Fishing was slower than the past month but still good on Sunday and fair on Monday. The winds were hellacious on Saturday so fortunately I was able to switch a trip around.

7/3: Guided Greg and Matt for an abbreviated full day. We started early – just after 5 am. I don’t mind the super early starts and it’s nice watching the bite materialize throughout the AM and then taper off and then back on again. The fishing was decent with the guys landing 14 solid fish. We kept 4 for the smoker. Action was deeper today – around 85′ give or take.

Greg was out on Lake Ontario with a guide friend of his on Thursday. They landed a couple steelhead, a laker and a King. The laker had 5 or 6 gobies in its stomach, the King’s stomach was empty. I will likely be out here jigging again once or twice over the next couple weeks.

7/4: Guided Mike, Reice and Kyle today for a 1/2 day starting around 6:45 am. Fishing was slow to start but picked up gradually as the day went on. The guy’s landed 7 nice lakers to 28″. A few solids were also dropped. Lots of boats were out here today. Lots of colors worked today.

Boat traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected on either day.