Cayuga Lake 7/8 AM out of Myers


Guided Casey and his friends Paul and Mark for a 1/2 day starting around 6:45 am.   Casey began the day by asking me how many fish constitutes a limit!  It’s 15 trout and salmon combined maximum for 3 people total (i.e., 5 fish per person, with no more than 3 being browns, rainbows or salmon.)  One of the reason I stopped putting up numbers of trout/salmon past 9 (and just refer to a 10+ fish day as a “double-digit” day whether we caught 11 or 22 or what have you) is to keep expectations reasonable.  I don’t mind the high expectations, but the funny thing is sure enough, as we launched onto the lake I could see the green color of the water – yep, it’s algae bloom time again, just like clockwork!  I’ve often said, that having low expectations for some odd reason always seems to result in the best fishing days.  It’s weird.

(During the bloom I’ve been skunked or had one-fish days more than any other time on Cayuga Lake apart from high-water events that make the depths of the lake muddy.)

That being said – and all was in good humor, I did not want our trip to fall victim to “the bloom.”  Water clarity was around 2′ to 3′, so it isn’t bad yet.  That’s what makes the bloom on Cayuga such a roll of the dice, you just don’t know.  You can have a great day or they can be lock-jawed all day long.  It’s a gamble.  I talked to my friend/client Zach, who has a place on the lake and got the report from his area.  We gave the mid-lake areas maybe an hour, with perhaps one hit and made a run for greener (actually I should say “clearer”) pastures!  We basically worked areas from Myers south and things started off well.

Mark doesn’t fish much but started us off with a great hookup!  After a terrific fight, I slid the net under a 32″ beauty of a lake trout!  We kept it and I weighed it at just over 10lbs, although I would have sworn it would’ve been over 11.  After that, Paul nabbed a couple 26″ers and then Casey got into some fish as well.  We finished up with a decent day with 7 fish landed I believe and a fair number lost/missed.  We were certainly into some smaller trout in some areas and possibly some salmon.

All in all a very decent day despite the lower visibility.  Angling Zone friend Dave did pretty good today out of Long Point, but it’s getting green up that way too.  Stay tuned!

Mark on and it's a BIG one!

Way to go!!! If we only catch one today, at least it's a SLOB!

Fortunately we had another 1/2 dozen or so fish ahead of us! Paul here with a nice one.

Check my availability for open dates!  This week remains fairly open.  I’ll be targeting Seneca and Owasco Lakes for the most part over the next few weeks, depending on how Cayuga fishes.