Cayuga Lake 8/19 + 8/20


8/19: Guided Todd and Adam for the full day. Conditions were looking good when I received a text from Todd that he’d overslept and we’d be starting around 2 hours after our scheduled time. It happens! I went laker jigging near AES and found some lakers surprisingly shallow. Landed one and lost a couple. Marked lots of fish in around 40′ of water – I’m guessing perch.

I picked up the guys and off we went. Todd made up for a big lost brown last year when he landed the first fish of the day – a nice 27.5″ brown, likely weighing 11 to 12.5lbs. We released the fat fish. T-Storms threatened throughout the AM. The guys managed to land 3 nice lakers and dropped a few as well. Overall pretty steady action on hits and chasing fish. It wasn’t easy getting them to commit though. The usual 65′ to 85′ seemed best.

8/20: Guided Matt and Brian for what wound up being a long 1/2 day. Today was one of those rare days when it looked like everyone but us was catching fish! Matt had done the technique with me a few times in the past. I showed Brian how to jig today. Conditions weren’t easy for detecting bottom in the AM with a good 10 mph southerly blowing. But we had our opportunities. Matt lost at least 4 solid hookups. Brian missed a few good hits as well. Matt also had a fish up to the net which I should’ve had – it was still somewhat deep and I tried to scoop it. I brushed it and the hook pulled out! What a bad break. I kept them out a while longer to try to redeem myself – but to no avail. Some days the bear eats you and some days you eat the bear…. Either way, we all had a good time – it was a gorgeous day out, and trips with Matt are always a lot of fun. Hope their golf game goes this PM goes better! There were LOADS of fish around in areas and next time we’ll get them. Lots of boat traffic out today – summer is slipping away and people know it.