Cayuga Lake 8/20 + 21


8/20: Got out with Greg for a full day starting just after 6:15 am. We (he) worked some areas that have featured good numbers of browns for awhile with some hits and hookups. He wound up landing two decent fish. Great fights! He also landed a handful of lake trout. It was a solid day with great fishing and pretty good “catching.” I think the full moon definitely played into the tricky brown bite this AM.

The hot summer has led to a lot of people spending time out on the water. Unfortunately it’s led to some incidents and drownings. A man was presumed dead after boaters spotted him swimming north of Myers before disappearing (apparently) under the water. Details remain unclear. Another guy drowned or nearly drowned out of Union Springs.

8/21: Did my annual trip with Leo and Ada out of Taughannock. Usually we do a full day but with today’s weather conditions and my full schedule it was now or never and we made it a short half day, getting out just as the heavy rain approached. As has been the case for most of this summer, the “doom and gloom” weather forecasts nearly always prove to be wrong on some level. You see a forecast for heavy rain up to an inch, thunderstorms and high winds starting in the AM and before you know it the models change to a much tamer forecast with no “weather” coming in until later. Only a couple other boats were on the lake and for the most part it was nice out. Ada landed a bunch of nice lakers and also a rainbow (clipped fish) around 18″ that we released. We kept a limit of lakers today. There are a lot of mid-range fish size-wise – I’d bet that 80% of the lakers out there run from 24″ to 26″. Fish are still feeding fairly heavily. Around 80′ to 100′ has been productive for us with the usual whites and chartreuses producing well.