Cayuga Lake 8/24 + Skaneateles Lake 8/25


8/24 AM – Guided Tom and Bekky for 1/2 day starting just after 6:30 am. Fishing for lakers was very good and one nice bonus brown was landed. All fish were released. Bekky had big and small fish “honors” while Tom had the numbers and brown. We tried some bass fishing towards the end of the trip but high winds pretty much put an end to that.

8/24 PM – Picked up Jim around 12:30 pm with very gusty winds! He’s been fishing with me periodically since 2005. Using a drift sock and my high powered trolling motor, Jim was able to score on 4 lakers – 2 small ones and 2 nice ones! In addition he dropped two, so fishing wasn’t bad. He did a nice job on a very tough day. We took waves over the bow – it wasn’t pleasant out there!

8/25: Guided Leo and Ada for the full day on Skaneateles Lake. It was nice to see zero trailers in the State Launch area when I pulled in at 7:35! Leo and Ada were running late – we got underway around 8:45. I like starting trips between 6 and 6:30 if possible, but a lot of folks like to sleep in. It’s called “vacation.”

Fishing was fair to good. No really big smallmouths – top fish was just over 16″. But they managed to dropshot plenty of rockbass to 11″ and 8 smallmouths – most over 12″. Fish ranged from 22′ to about 45′ deep. We tried the new Lunker City Ribsters (sounds like a McDonalds item) in green pumpkin. They worked well – as did the usual Gulp minnows and other plastics. Water temps are around 72. The lake is now 35 miles away from me! I’m psyched about spending some more time here, but with Owasco and Otisco a short haul the choices will be tough!