Cayuga Lake 8/25 – 27


8/25 + 26: Guided two days with Scott’s clan – basically Scott, Dawson and Joe on Day 1 am, Scott and Dick on the PM, Josh and Scott on the AM of the 26th then Scott and Steven on the PM.) We did around 4 hours of fishing in the AM then switched guys out (with the exception of Scott) and fished the remainder of the full day. We did that on both days. Fishing had its hot bite windows on every 1/2 day we did. Each 4 hour period featured 8 to 10 fish landed including some bonus browns and salmon. Scott lost what had to be a giant lake trout on the AM of the 25th. Browns were caught on both days as well.

8/27: Guided Greg for around 5 hours before we called it quits. He nailed a few good browns today including a 22 1/2″, 23″, 20″ and a whopping 30″er that is heading for my smoker. The big brute left a puddle of blood on my front boat deck so even if we’d wanted to release it, it wasn’t going to happen. It weighed in at 2 oz. shy of 15lbs on my accurate TEK scale! What a slob!!! As fat as could be, yet there was nothing in its stomach. The lamprey control combined with good survival of young browns added in with the abundant alewife and goby food source has made for some fat browns and terrific fishing. These fish are as fat as the good old “Lake Ontario Footballs” of my youth were. Greg also landed a few nice lakers.

If we get some good rains, expect some top-notch tributary fishing on Cayuga Lake this fall November is usually the month. I don’t guide the tribs. Timing is super-important as well, but the guys who have flexible schedules have a good shot at some trophy browns, rainbows and salmon. This year I’ve seen rainbows caught to over 30″, salmon to 32″ and this brown at 30″. Those are all trophy fish!