Cayuga Lake 8/29 + 30


Fishing continues to be excellent on Cayuga Lake for lakers in the medium to large size range. The winds yesterday hampered our efforts, but we still managed to have some decent fishing.

8/29: Guided Greg out of Myers for the full day. He wanted to sting a bunch of lakers if possible before steelhead season. We ran up the lake and primarily worked the west shore. On one of his early drops he hooked a solid fish that put a deep bend in his rod, wouldn't move much and when it did, it made some good runs. He could feel the head shake so we knew it was a good fish! We landed a 33" solid laker that we released after a quick photo. Greg nailed another 10 to 12 fish before we called it an early day. We had a few nice 27"ers.

8/30: Did two 1/2 day trips today. My first was with James and Heather. The wind was really blowing good out of the south (I motored across from Myers to pick them up at Taughannock.) We fished the west shore with one or two quick hookups and one laker landed by Heather. Eventually we decided to sneak in behind Taughannock point. Jim landed one and Heather managed another bigger fish. Tough going compared to the past month but we were all happy given how windy conditions were.

My PM trip was with Gary and Ethel, who joined me out of Long Point a couple years ago. Gary had struggled with the jigging on his own, despite doing that trip with me. Not sure what the problem was, but he got back on track today. They landed 6 solid fish up to around 27" to 28". The bite was better than the AM, but it still never got hot 'n heavy. The wind kept up and after I got home it really cranked! There was a lot of boat traffic on Cayuga Lake for the first time that I've noticed this year. That'll all be done with on Monday!