Cayuga Lake 8/8 + 8/9 AM


Fishing remains good to excellent on Cayuga Lake. Launching out of Myers can be tricky on weekends now that there are kayak and SUP rentals going on there. It’s ridiculous to me. You have a busy boat launch and marina and now we have to watch for myriads of people paddling willy-nilly right around the marina entrance. It’d be nice if they were directed to head north. It’s only a matter of time before a severe injury happens. You can’t see the SUPs in front of your bow when they are paddling on their knees. Mark my words, somebody is going to get hurt badly or worse. It’s bad enough having to watch for all the other boats.

Here’s the breakdown over the past two days as best as I can recall. It all becomes a haze after a while!

8/8 AM: Guided Eric and one of his clients. The bite was decent with Eric nailing 5 or 6 solid fish and his client getting one. They don’t fish much at all but enjoyed the AM bite.

My PM trip was with John and Wade who were up for a wedding. The bite was decent as well with 6 to 8 fish landed if I remember right.

8/9 AM: Action heated up today with Bob and Lori nabbing around 15 solid fish. We had doubles hooked as well. Great fishing and a nice day to be out.