Cayuga Lake 9/4 + 9/5


Busy wind-down to the summer guiding season. Fall is here now for all intents and purposes and I’m ready to roll! Here’s how things shaped up:

9/4 AM: Guided Eric and his son Andrew for 1/2 day out of Taughannock. They don’t do a whole lot of fishing, but at least one big trip a year. Fishing was very, very good on the east shore not far from the park. The guys landed a bunch of real solid lake trout – fish ranging from 27″ to 29″. They landed 10 for the morning. Only one good fish lost – a great percentage by any standard. Fishing was best around 80′ to 85′ or so.

9/4 PM: Got a call on Saturday for some folks looking to get out today – so things worked out. At 1 pm I metRon, Todd and Butch at the launch at Taughannock. They were a fun, funny bunch and I had a lot oflaughs with them. The fishing near the park was terrific from the get-go with Ron landing a 29.5″ FAT laker that weighed 10lbs 10 oz! That’s a fatty! Butch landed a small landlock and Todd also nailed a nice laker. The guys had some great action for around 1/2 hour to45 minutes then things slowed. A few more fish werecaught. Overall a very productive 1/2 day with everyone landing at least 2fish and Todd having the hot hand with 3 or 4 nice ones boated. The T-Storms stayed away. Remember – “when in doubt, go out” – check the weather map, but don’t sit home and let bad weather forecasts dictate your fishing success.

9/5: Guided Florian and Alysa for the full day. It was a wet one out there! We startedaround 7 am and were likely the only boat to launch out of the park today, given that no trailers were in the park when I arrived and none were there when we pulled out (of Taughannock.) They’d originally wanted 2 one-half day trips – doing different techniques, but I could only schedule one trip. They pretty much learned to fish via trips at the Angling Zone and are into it! We’ve jigged Keuka Lake a couple times with good luck, but they wanted to do some casting.

We started with a little jigging w/o much action. One dink laker near AES. For bass I had them casting some tube jigs, dropshotting and workingsuperflukes. We worked on casting spinning gear and they got pretty good at it. Alysa managed a couple solid 14″+ largemouths on the day and acouple dink perch dropshotting. Florian nabbed his first (small) smallmouth on a tube jig. We were able to iron out some casting and presentation bugs, which was nice. Florian knows how to cook professionally and wanted some lakers. He did a great job landing 4 nice ones in succession. So despite getting soaked, we had a productive day with some new techniques learned and plenty of good eatingtobe had.

Over the past 7 years I typically have moved a lot of my laker guiding to Keuka Lake from Sept – November. Inow live a bit further from this lake. I will still be doing some trips here – the laker fishing is great, as is thebass/pickerel action (along with a rare bonus pike.) But I plan on doing more fishing on Cayuga Lake for lakers later into the season. Although many fish move south towards Taughannock and spawn in October, I expect some good action from non-spawners and late-spawning fish further north. We’ll see how things panout. Keuka trips will have afuel surcharge added from here on in. Fuel surcharges are no longer necessarily for Otisco Lake since I’m much closer now. I expect good fishing on Owasco Lake too, sowe shall see! I’m very excited about my newfound proximity to different launches and lakes now – manyslightly “alien areas” will now be filled in with detail.