Cayuga Lake/Dean’s Cove 4/24


Guided three Johns today! So we had four Johns on the boat – John O, John H, John V and yours truly. We started at 7:30 am in around 75′ (I can’t remember exactly!) in some moderate chop and we worked our way out. There are fish scattered from around 125′ on out to 175′ or more. John O. had the hot hand and got the first hook up. We wound up landing 8 nice fish up to 32.5″. The smallest was 26.5″ – so Cayuga Lake is churning out some real quality! Nearly all the landed fish (all kept) were loaded with freshly eaten and some digested alewives. They are feeding heavily!

After the trip ended, I was going to check on some carp further north, but on the way I tried jigging lakers. After missing one and landing a decent fish, the winds came up a bit out of the south, and I decided to call it a day.