Cayuga Lake/Dean’s Cove 5/5


Put in a LONG day on Cayuga with my buddy Terry. Started in around 80′ to 110′ off the Silos and I broke off a very nice fish on the drop with the jig maybe 20′ down. Big Brown? Maybe a laker? We worked flats north of Sheldrake and picked up an 18″ laker. Lost one off flats near Long point. No sign of bait anywhere. We explored the north end for a while and had a blast hammering panfish on plastic grubs. Tons of nice sunfish up there, including quite a few 8″ fish.

Finished up at the Silos and this time we started shallower. That’s where the fish were and I wished we’d fished shallower earlier. In an hour we hooked around 6 or 7 good fish landing 3, all around 26″. It’s a good feeling catching big well-fed hard fighting lakers! Got some terrific photos too. Cayuga’s got the biggest average lakers out of all the eastern Finger Lakes.