Cayuga Lake/Myers 9/15 + Owasco Lake 9/16 AM


Guided back to back half day trips on Cayuga Lake Saturday and then a half day AM trip today on Owasco Lake. I have been breaking in my new Merc. 115 hp 4-stroke and it’s been fun. That motor has good acceleration and is ridiculously quiet. It sounds like it’s conking out after firing it up, but it’s just purring like a cat. Fishing on both lakes was typical September fishing. Hit the right window in the right area and you’re a hero, miss out and you can be looking at a big zero,.

9/15 AM: The trip was with Steve and his wife Swee. We had very solid fishing right from the get-go at around 7:30. Swee nabbed three in a row right away – hefty lakers. Steve had some salmon action with an 18.5″ er landed and released and another hook-up/hits from a similarly sized fish. The day went well overall with 6 or 7 solid lakers and the one salmon landed. Lakers were really pulling hard.

PM: My PM trip was with Jim and his brother in-law Doug (who was fishing for the first time.) The third person was Doug’s dad Mike and then Doug’s uncle, Ron. We split the three person half day in two. So basically two + hours of fishing then we switched Mike out for Ron. The bite started very slowly with nothing much to show for the first hour. As the guys reeled up, Jim connected with a laker which got off. In our second area Mike landed a 30″+ fish, Jim got one then Doug got one. So that was nice. Our second trip featured a hot bite, despite fishing the same basic areas – the fish had really turned on. Overall on the entire second half of the day eleven solid lakers were landed. Main depth was 85′ on out. But we had some good action from 100′ to 115′ too.

9/16 AM: Guided Greg on Owasco Lake for a 1/2 day starting at 7 am. Fishing was slow to start with signs of bait but not many signs of predators around. Greg picked up a very solid 20.5″ smallmouth bass out suspended over around 70′ to 80′ FOW. We tried a few areas around the lake and Greg nabbed a 28.5″ laker and a laker around 25″. A few other hits were had. Screens began looking better about an hour before we left. I expect hot fishing here this fall.