Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 12/2


Fished from 8:30 am till around 4 pm on Cayuga today with my buddy Mike. We were on a mission – we needed lakers in order to 1.) Have fun and 2.) Get some fillets for the smoker. There aren’t too many things in life that are better eating than smoked lake trout. And the lakers cooperated. Fishing was slow to start – we worked from 90′ out to 150′ N. of Dean’s on the mainlake flats. Mike had a grab from a suspended fish over deep water. The winds were nasty and only got worse. We moved towards Long Point and started marking a lot of fish from 80′ out to 110′. Action was best when the sun was shining and we managed to limit out by 2 pm. We landed 7 and missed/lost a few more. Nothing huge, mostly 24″to 27″ fish. We used 1 and 1+1/2 oz. jig heads. Fish came on white tubes and flukes and one was hooked on a shaker.

After the laker fishing we chased some perch in a lazy way – using an anchor. The brunt of the wind pounded our boat, but around 1/2 dozen or more perch cooperated before we called it a day. We didn’t work much – just anchored, relaxed and lit a cigar or two. Water temps were 47 degrees.