Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 2/1


I had around 4 hours to fish today so I made a last minute decision to try the north end of Cayuga Lake. It’s pretty rare that the launch at Dean’s Cove is ice-free this time of year, so I got a rare chance to see what was happening in the northern portion of the lake during the winter.

I was able to find lake trout from around 85′ to 150′ of water. The most active fish were in around 89′ to 93′. Fishing was surprisingly good. I was 3/4 on hooked fish. Given how slow my lake trout fishing had been lately, it felt great to bend the rod on some nice fish! Some fish were very lethargic and not moving for the jigs, whereas other fish were very aggressive. Strangely, the suspended fish were the most active. Wound up keeping my limit. All the fish were cookie-cutter 25″ to 26″ fish from varying year classes. Nothing in any of their stomachs. I did not mark any bait. Water temps were around 38. Some of the screens I saw – the electronic pictures below the boat – were as impressive as anything I’ve ever seen. In certain areas there were concentrations of active fish.