Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 3/17


Launched out of Dean’s around 11:30 and did some fishing around Long Point and North with the fly-rod, hoping for a salmon or brown – no luck. I marked some lakers in around 110′. Conditions were great when I picked up Ed and John at the boat launch at 2 pm. We started in deep water and drifted shallow i.e. started in around 165′ and drifted to about 150′ if you call that shallow.

Fishing was good. I didn’t mark any bait, but lakers were around. Quite a few were down around 125′ over 150′. The guys did a good job with the fishing and landed 5 nice fish from 19″ to 30″+. We kept 4 – a few around 25″/26″ and the big one. Most fish had empty stomachs but one had found the bait. The deep jigging is just getting underway and these fish will really be putting on the feedbag over the next month! Get ready! We used white tubes and Ed used a beaver-type bait (bass fishing plastic) also in white. A couple good fish were lost and a lot of light hits were had. H2O was 37 degrees. We saw one other boat out on the day! Having the lake nearly to ourselves was nice for a change! The fish were in good condition – very few, if any lamprey marks.