Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 4/13


Guided Tony for 1/2 day laker jigging. Due to classes, I can’t squeeze in full days Mondays through Wednesdays until after the 1st week in May. Tony did some laker jigging with me last fall and we did very well. Today the fishing was good, but not as hot as last weekend. We found good numbers of lakers from 140′ on out to 180′. Tony had a ton of follows and managed to land 4 nice fish – most between 27″ and 30″ long. A couple were dropped as well. Fish were not super active today, they weren’t chasing great or hitting very aggressively – probably due to the cold front. A couple friends were out jigging and they found fish in shallower water – up to 110′. Action was generally spotty with occasional bursts of good fishing. H2O was 43 on the surface. Plenty of bait is around – mainly around 140′ and out is where we found it. We had steady action/fish moving for the jigs on the depthfinder throughout the AM – they just weren’t grabbing great. I expect laker jigging to remain good to excellent for quite some time. The fish we landed today hadn’t fed in days. They are hungry and will resume feeding soon!