Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 4/29


Got out with my buddy Jarrod for our annual “No-Crappie trip” on Cayuga. This time we added in channel catfish as another fish not to be caught. We fished from around 2 pm till 6:30, spending 2 hours or so crappie fishing and the remainder of time catfishing. We had an assortment of catfish baits incl. nightcrawlers, cut-bait and some prepared baits. We worked near Mudlock and also an area along the causeway. No cats. Water temps were in the 50s. We saw plenty of carp surfacing. Saw a nice bald eagle nest with the pair of mature eagles – which pretty much made my day. Crappie fishing produced a perch and sunfish. Jarrod had a momentary hold on a good (big) fish too. We’ll likely try it again when we get a warmer day and higher water temps. BTW – Good numbers of bullheads were being taken along shallow muddy areas and creek mouths.

Lake levels were high and launches were being closed. Barricades were put up at the Cayuga State Park Launch and at Dean’s. Not sure what the deal will be for the weekend. The lake is VERY HIGH and cottage owners are having a rough time. I saw a submerged boat and plenty of other damage. Watch for debris too!