Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 5/20 + 5/21


Lake trout fishing is improving by the day. Baitfish are moving in and lakers are aggressively feeding and moving shallower. Best fishing has been early AM and late PM.

5/20: Guided Tony for 1/2 day. We had good fishing on lakers along the shoreline N. of Dean’s Cove. Most fish ran 23″ to 27″. Best action was from 55′ to around 90′. Surface temps are in the mid to upper 50s. Around8 to 10 fish were landed if I remember right.

5/21: Guided Aaron and Dave for the full day with Roy and his dad Ace tagging along in a second boat. Fishing continues to be good – esp. in the AM, with my guys landing 10 nice fish and missing/losing a fair number as well. No real slobs, but nice lakers all the way around. I’ve never seen such clean looking lakers out of Cayuga – just gorgeous fish with nearly zero signs of lamprey attacks. Water temps on the surface reached 64 in some places! But in general they are in the mid-50s. Plenty of bait was in close in the AM and late PM (when I did a little fishing on my own.) Again – 50′ to 90′ or so was best. There are likely lakers in shallower water too.