Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 5/23


Guided David, Bret and Tom for what ended up being an abbreviated full day today. We started just after 6 am hoping to beat the wind, which was forecast to come up around 15 mph out of the south later in the day. What wound up happening is that the wind stayed at around 12 to 15 mph through the night, then amped up into the mid-20s mph range by 9:00 am or so.

The fishing was fair to good before the wind came up. David landed a very strong dark colored laker around 29″ that fought great. All the guys landed fish including Bret’s nice chunky fish around 27″ to 28″. By 10 am we had 2 driftbags out and were really sailing along. The 1+1/2 oz jig heads were really key in being able to sense bottom when moving like that. We landed a fish or two in around 65′ of water, as well as a few out towards 110′. The wind forecasts called for ever increasing gusts and the lake was getting pretty wild, so we wrapped up around 11:30 and headed back in. A great time was had by all with 5 solid fish landed. Good job in those difficult conditions!