Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 6/8 AM


Guided Jim, his brother Robert and friend Bruce for a 1/2 day. Lake trout fishing was excellent and has been excellent over the past few days according to Angling Zone friend Rick. The guys landed 16 solid lake trout to over 28″ long. A few were wild fish and one was the nicest looking laker I have seen come out of Cayuga Lake. Alewives are moving in and surface temps hit 62. Some fish remain shallow but we did better in the moderate depth range i.e. 75′ to 100′. A troller I talked to has done well from 25′ to 40′ and was picking up a few browns as well.

Don’t forget licenses on these trips! Robert is a Florida resident and in Fla. you don’t need a license when out with a guide, so that did delay his angling for an hour. As a resident you can purchase a license online with a smartphone. For non-residents, you need to call up the DEC or go to a license outlet, like Dicks Sporting Goods, Wallmart or a Town Hall. We might have had a salmon on for a few seconds today, so non-lakers are finally showing up in the northern portions of the lake.