Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove 7/1


Had a good start to the month of July with a double out of Dean’s Cove.  Boat traffic was very light today, which is usually the case when more than two days in front of a major holiday.  People are oftentimes tying up loose ends at work before their vacations.

The lake remains cool on top with 68 degrees on the surface on the west shore.  I’m guessing water was a little warmer on the east shore – maybe 70 to 72 degrees.  The surface will warm up rapidly once the winds diminish and we get back into the 80s for daytime highs.  The algae bloom is underway.  There is a large bloom going on from the crescent area (northern portion of Cayuga’s deepwater – roughly from Levanna north to at least Farley’s Point) up a ways.  I’m guessing most of Cayuga’s north end is blooming.  What remains to be seen is how quickly the bloom spreads once the winds cease.

AM Trip:  My morning trip was with Max, Evan and Kaitlynn, all of whom were up here staying at Evan’s family’s place.  Evan and Kaitlynn don’t fish a whole lot but they had a lot of fun today landing a couple of lake trout each.  Max does more fishing and nabbed a nice fish later in the morning.  The water was very cold and we had lake trout chasing lures right up to the boat, which was really cool to see!  Fun day!

PM Trip:  My PM trip was with Jack and Eric, who’ve joined me quite often over the past few years.  Jack has become a wintertime/early/late season regular of mine and is a great source for Oneida Lake information as well as history around and on Oneida Lake.  He’s written quite a few books on Oneida Lake and local history/lore.  Check out Jack Henke on Amazon for a selection of his writing.  We had a solid day fishing both in and around the bloom (including one double hooked,) although outside the bloom was the best “catching.”  Best fish was Eric’s 29.5″ beauty!   Fish came from 35′ to 85′ today.  A handful of fish were dropped too. Arkansas Shiner was by far the best color on the day, although other colors also produced including black, chartreuse and white along with white/chartreuse.

Saturday July 13th just opened up for trips due to a cancellation today.  

Evan with a nice lake trout - his first I believe or maybe his second from the day!

Max with his chunky fish from today

Eric with his 29"