Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s Cove/Long Point 6/3, 6/4 + 6/5


Fishing has been top-notch – just downright superb on Cayuga Lake for us over the past few days. Lake levels are back to normal and the lake clarity is good. Surface temperatures are in the mid-upper 50s in mid-lake areas.

6/3: Guided Dayton and Rich for the full day starting at 6:30 am. Rich was up from Minnesota for a few days. We had some great action on lake trout (and I think a salmon – though my mind is hazy after the past three days.) The guys caught 3 very solid lakers over 30″ long – up to around 32″ if I remember right. Another 15 lakers or so were landed fishing both shores of the lake. We had a lot of fun out on the lake today. BTW – At least 3 Seneca Lake Guides have been working Cayuga this year (and last year as well.)

6/4: Guided Greg and Matt for the full day starting just after 6:30 am. Low pressure and rain kept the bite pretty darn hot throughout the whole AM. Things tapered a bit by noon. The guys knocked off a couple hours early due to the relentless rain (by that point.) Fishing was superb with pretty much non-stop action – the guys landed upwards of 35+ fish. After a while it didn’t matter. Fish ran to 30″ to 31″ and probably 10lbs +. At least one salmon was hooked. One laker came up with a lamprey – that was it on the parasites. Great day.

6/5: Guided Mark and his son John for the full day. Our last trip out was right after the flooding and we had a very tough time jigging in murky/muddy water. Today made up for that bigtime. The bite started slower today during the first hour (6:30 am) but then picked up. Mid-AM was excellent. A lot of salmon were around today. Vertical jigging rarely does them justice fight-wise but John managed to land 4 fish, all legal but 3 were 23″ to 24″ clean thick bodied beauties. We let go the two nicest ones. We had follows all day long from nice salmon. The lake is loaded with bait right now and fish were taking advantage of it. The laker action was top notch with fish up to 31″ again. At least 20 lakers were landed.

As an added note, John does a bit of shorefishing around Ithaca. He told me that the biggest goby he’s caught from Taughannock has been 14″ long! That’s news to me. I had no idea that they could get that big. In Lake Ontario I’d never seen them that large before.