Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 10/4 AM


Guided Dick and his wife Michelle starting around 7:30 am. The lake trout bite was pretty slow for the most part – not terrible but what I’d call “fair.” Some fish were hitting. Michelle managed to land two nice fish – one was a solid 25″er. Dick had around a half dozen hits. The fog/overcast skies likely played a big part in the slow bite. We were supposed to have sun by 11 am, but it never materialized until around 1 or 2 pm, long after we had called it a day.

Propagation netting is currently going on at Cayuga Lake. My buddy Mike (yes – that Mike) is leading the crew and reported to me that the first day went great. Crews handled a bunch of lakers up to around 13lbs. Lamprey wounding was low. Numbers of wild fish were also low. This year we haven’t seen great numbers of wild lakers on Cayuga Lake. I would say wild fish percentages are around 7 to 8%. They probably handled around 150 lakers yesterday.