Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/17


Guided Dean, Scott and Scott’s son Aidan for a full day of laker jigging. Dean and Scott have been coming out with me since the crazy Owasco Lake laker bite of the mid to late 2000s. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, check out his distillery – Rowhouse Spirits. The website is

Dean used to formulate some of the beers sold by Yards and then Philadelphia Brewing Company and has a knack with all kinds of food and drink. Whether he’s making beef jerky or sandwiches, he really has a great individual flare and sense of taste.

Anyways it’s always a great time when I see the guys and we had some solid jigging to start this AM then things slowed down a bit. The lack of wind hurt us a bit today, since it’s harder to cover water but either way, the guys had a great day with 10 solid lakers landed and a couple dropped. The weather was gorgeous and downright hot at times. We kept 2 lakers and they were gorging themselves with alewives. No sign of gobies in these fish as of late for us.