Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/20


Earlier in the week I was telling Ron that we would probably have to cancel our trip or go from a full day down to a half. The forecast was calling for south winds around 14 – 18 mph gusting up to 30 along with one or more inches of rain. The 10 day forecast has its moments but is often very inaccurate more than 3 days out. I like NOAA but that will not give out wind forecasts more than a couple days in advance (probably because there isn’t much of a point in throwing out an inaccurate forecast.)

The weather wound up being great. The lake was like glass for most of the day (good for laker jigging in deep water, but not good for much else in the Fingers.) We had a terrific day. Ron would be the first to admit that his execution left a bit to be desired today. He literally lost at least 10 solid hookups, but fortunately the fish bit great and he landed a dozen solid fish up to 31″. A 30″ wild laker was the highpoint of the trip – a gorgeous laker!

We had a bit of rain last night but it wasn’t enough to mess up our deep water fishing. I’m not sure what conditions are like on the lakes mid-south portions but we had plenty of gin-clear water. Various Lunker City Shakers did the job in 130 to 150 FOW. I did mark some bait. All fish went back into the drink today.