Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/22 AM


Guided Avery and his fiancee' Zina for a 1/2 day of laker jigging. He took my fly-fishing class years ago and was back in town. The fishing started out great with Avery landing a 29" laker on his first drop with the jig! The oft-dreaded "first cast" syndrome (I'm not superstitious but a lot of fishermen and guides are.) It didn't take long for Zina to land a couple nice fish too but then the action slowed for awhile. The conditions were a bit cool with some showers but not overly uncomfortable.

We did some moving around from the 150' or so that we started in and in around 110' we starting hitting some good fish. Action was very good and we just about had a double a few times. Overall it was a great day with 8 solid fish landed. We kept two of the smaller fish for Avery and Zina's dinner. The fish I cleaned were packed with alewives. One wild fish was in the mix. Only sign of lampreys were on the two biggest fish and they were healed scars. Nobody else was out that we could see today. All signs point to another terrific year on Cayuga Lake!