Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/25 and Seneca Lake out of Geneva 4/26


4/25 Cayuga out of Long Point: Guided Jim and his buddy Mitch for a full day. It’s always great seeing Jim and his enthusiasm on the water is always contagious. In a nutshell the laker bite was tough today. The fish were moving pretty well for the jigs and we found a lot of fish, but they are still stubborn. Water temps are still very cold (more like March temperatures from 2005 – 2013.) So the fish are somewhat dormant. There are very few signs of baitfish moving in, but the two fish Jim landed were loaded with alewives from different year classes. One or two gobies were also in the stomachs. A few other hits were had, but it was tough. Best action was deep – around 130′ give or take, though we tried out to over 200′ FOW and were marking fish out there. We were the only boat out of Long Point today! We also found quite a few fish just N. of Dean’s Cove.

4/26 Seneca Lake out of Geneva: Ditto for here today. I guided Matt and his wife Barbara and things looked good to start. Matt nailed two nice lakers in short order, but despite some hard chasing fish, no more fish were hooked. A few more hits were had. We tried a lot of different tactics. Angling Zone friend Jimmy nailed a couple beauties here yesterday. The fish here are starting to feed as well, but the two I cleaned today didn’t have nearly the amount of bait in them that the Cayuga fish had. Keuka Lake would be a good bet for more action, but I’m interested in seeing how Seneca and Cayuga pick up, cause the size is there.Very few boats were out. A couple perch guys and a couple trollers was it.

Once the switch gets flipped on these lakes, the action will be great. Things should set up beautifully this week. Can’t wait!