Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/26 + 27


Laker jigging is gradually returning to form here. Vast areas of cloudy/murky water are floating around the lake and debris is being blown around by the wind. The lake is still at a flood level, though launchable/boatable.

4/26: Guided newlyweds Jon and Amber today for a 1/2 day. Jon’s a diehard fly-fisherman but wanted Amber to have a good chance of getting into some fish so we went with the lakers instead of salmon. It was a good call. Despite my console electronics being disabled (due to either a faulty toggle or a bad fuse – though I couldn’t find any bad fuses…) we made out alright. Getting too hung up on electronics can sometimes work against an angler, especially this time of year when lakers are all over the lake from 10′ to 200′.

Fishing started out well with Jon having a quick hit or two, then it slowed for 2 hours before picking up again. Some nice fish were landed today by both Jon and Amber with 5 lakers caught up to 28″. We had a 27″ as well as some fish in the 18″ to 23″ range. Water clarity was good and the wind was non-existent. Fish came from out to 135′ or so.

4/27: Guided Mike, whom I hadn’t seen in probably 10 years. He fishes Owasco Lake a lot and wanted to learn Cayuga. Today was a very different ballgame with winds ranging from 10 to 20 mph (mostly around 13 gusting to 17) and some large areas of debris (in shallow) and murky water (mainly to the north – i.e. the cliffs and Levanna.)

I was able to update Mike on the changes we’ve been doing regarding tackle and technique. We had slow but not bad (steady) fishing today. He landed 4 nice fish up to 27″ He also dropped another 3 and had a couple hits that didn’t connect. Tough conditions but not bad. Fish came from around 60′ out to nearly 150′. Surface temps are hitting 46/48.