Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/5


Got out with my buddy Terry from around 11 am till 5:30 pm. We spent half of our day targeting lake trout and the rest chasing perch. Lake trout fishing was excellent. Terry landed the first three fish in less than a half an hour. Within an hour and a half we had the five fish I wanted for my smoker. They were fighting great as well. We wound up landing around 10 fish from shallow out to 150′. Lamprey wounding was low, but this will likely change once the parasites infiltrate the rest of the lake (they have been coming(aka “transforming) from out of the inlet.) They are gobbling gobies. We had two fish in the 27″ to 28” range. Two were wild.

We didn’t really do justice to the perch fishing. We landed around 12 or 15 with only 5 keepers. A few pickerel also found our perch setups. We stayed away from the pack for the most part. Perch fishing pressure is high here but there is plenty of room to fish and the fish are widely distributed – you can catch a few just about anywhere on the lake’s north end. Mud was a factor. Water temps hit 43 up here.