Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/11 AM


Guided a 1/2 day trip with Oliver and Louize. Neither had caught lake trout before and Louize had never been fishing before. The trip starting promising with Louize nabbing a solid 27" lake trout within the first few drops of her jig. Then our activity slowed. We had an area of murky water, which is actually where she caught that fish, but I moved us into some clearer water. We tried the shallows and did not find many fish there. A move back out to 120' and beyond paid off. The bite got going once the sun came out and wind picked up a bit. Oliver nailed two 28"ers and a 24"er. Both dropped a fish or two. Absolutely perfect weather out there and we capped the day spotting an interesting weather phenomenon – circumhorizontal arcs in the sky! (That's what they are called – I had to look it up!) Multi colored cloud-like formations due to moisture in the sky. It was awesome, especially when viewed with polarized sunglasses. Looks like more rain this week. It hasn't been a very kind spring weather-wise – rain, cold, wind and clouds. Oh well, such is life in Central NY.