Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/12


Did a full day with Drew and his friend Drew starting just after 11 am. We waited out the rain and went with that late start, wrapping up around 7 pm. Drew’s son Robert joined us towards the end of the day.

Lake trout locations have changed a lot since I was last out here on April 24th – about 2 and a half weeks ago. Some fish are still out deep but significant numbers have moved up a bit. We had solid (very good) action from 150′ in to around 90′. I didn’t look shallower or deeper but I’m sure fish are everywhere. Around 9 solid lakers were landed on the day and another 4 or 5 dropped. Best fish was a 31″er that we released. Harvested fish were eating alewives and gobies. Alewives are starting to move in big-time.

If lake trout are your preferred target, going out of Long Point or Dean’s Cove are the best bets for good action on Cayuga Lake. Fish numbers up here are much better (from what I’ve seen) than in the lower lake. Size is much better too with the vast majority of fish running 24″ to 27″+, as opposed to 20″ to 24″ in the lower lake. Fish were very clean and well fed with virtually no signs of lamprey attacks.