Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/20


Did a full day trip with John and Rob with Drew and Drew following us in another boat. The guys have fished Otsego Lake and usually fish Cayuga. They were in for a treat today with plenty of healthy fat lake trout making it to the net throughout the day. Between both boats over 20 solid fish were landed and probably that many were missed/dropped too. Rob was dead-tired and spent most of the day asleep so John did most of the fishing on my boat. Fish mostly ran 25″ to 27″. I did some dropping while the guys took a break and managed a 29″er as well. They were strong fighting fish as well – many diving back down towards the bottom after being worked upwards. 50′ to 130′ was the range. Water temps are creeping up on the surface. I saw a salmon cruising the shoreline when we dropped Rob off to get a bite to eat by the Aurora Market. Salmon truly are all over the place on Cayuga.