Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/22 AM


Guided Rich today for a 1/2 day starting just after 7 am. The bite was excellent with 9 solid lakers and one salmon landed. All fish came from less than 100′ FOW. A lot of boats were on the lake today with the Barney/Bear Derby going on. We were not entered. Our best laker probably went 9lbs+ FWIW.

Rich just did back to back half-day charters out of Sodus Point on Lake Ontario and had some decent lake trout fishing with a steelhead and decent coho caught. A sublegal Atlantic and coho were released. Their best Lake Ontario laker was in the 35/36″ range. He left very impressed with the Cayuga Lake fishery and the jigging method. He caught more fish today himself than the Charter boat did yesterday. The majority of the Cayuga Lake lakers compared with the majority of Lake Ontario fish, although L.O. produced two lunkers for his party.

I’m looking forward to the Memorial Weekend Derby on Seneca Lake. I’ll be fishing it with my old fishing buddy Terry – we started fishing together back in 1986 and he was the first really good multi-species angler I ever fished with. He introduced me to a lot of the different lakes and techniques/patterns for fishing perch, bass, walleyes and so forth. So it will be fun. My buddy Mike with be out there with his friend and my former co-angler (and 2013 Derby Grand Prize Winner) Jarrod will be out fishing with his young son. Plenty of lunker lake trout reside in Seneca Lake and some giant browns are out there. I expect to see a few large salmon and halfway decent rainbows weighed in. I think results will be “par for the course” with a 13 to 14lb trout winning. Likely a laker but there’s always a chance of a brown. No big surprise there.