Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/22


Guided a full day with Steve and his daughter Emily. We got underway early. Fish are spread out from shallow out to 150′ or more. Angling Zone past client Dave and a friend of his did well shallow this AM. We had a great screen and a lot of fish out deeper moving for the jigs so we stayed out there and wound up with two big (27″ to 29″) lakers to show before moving up shallower. Another 7 mostly smaller lakers came from around 50′ to 70′.

Steve and Emily had plenty of fish for the table and were looking to do some casting and see what else the lake had to offer. Neither had caught pickerel before so we headed north around noontime. Pickerel action was very good on spoons and tubejigs. We encountered around 15 or 16 solid fish running 21″ to 23″+. We landed about half to two-thirds of the hookups. I don’t mind pickerel getting off the line next to the boat – it tends to save my hands! Obviously if folks want the fish, it’s a different story. The lake looked very good up north. A few big carp were rolling around. The number of cormorants on Frontenac Island was pretty impressive – I hope some controls are put on them. They are massive fish eaters and are killing the trees on the island with their excrement.