Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/23 AM


Guided Trevor and Jim for a 1/2 day starting at just after 7 am. The AM bite was a lot slower for us than yesterday. We tried shallow, deep and in-between. Eventually a move uplake and an old favorite area really turned things around. Trevor nabbed three lakers in three drops of his jig. He had the hot hand but Jim hooked a fish that fought like a beast! Thankfully he didn't lost the fish, although it wouldn't have been hard for it to happen – the hook dropped right out of the fish's mouth as soon as I netted the fish. It was a solid 10lb+ laker that was around 31". The runs it took were impressive! We wound up with 9 lakers caught and released. Two appeared to be wild fish. No signs of fresh lamprey wounds though we had one or two fish with well-healed wounds – basically old scars.

The original plan was do to a full day today but we decided to play it safe on the weather. Of course, as if often the case we had a few drops of rain and the skies cleared up. But either way, it was a satisfying morning of fishing out there. Surface temps are around 50 degrees. At 50, you can have lakers anywhere from 10' or less of water out to on bottom in 200' or down 65' over 400' and everywhere in between. Take your pick with regards to how you like to catch them.